Learning lines in the rain
Special effects by Loonatik and drinks
Freeze frame, screen kiss, hot heads, lights and power
It's patently obvious -- Bahaus

10 great     ~      9 good     ~     8 ok      ~     7 interesting     ~      6 unaffected

The movie theatre is a public space, like a bus or subway, where I get lost in the density of others' thoughts. Alone, I sit down in my seat and watch the others trickle in before the showing, wondering what they think, or sometimes eavesdropping. When I go with others, it's the content between the book covers of friendship: meeting at a T stop, speeding along Cambridge roads, and discussion over tea. Later, finding the ticket stub in my pockets reminds me of the film or friend.

I like the Capitol in Davis Sq. Otherwise, I usually end up going to the Brattle, Kendal Sq., or Coolidge. I'm lucky to live near Hollywood Express in Central Sq, a great video store. Still, even though I have a wonderful wide screen TV and DVD player, I'd rather sit alone in the dark among strangers.

One of my artsy tendencies is to distinguish between film and movies. Anything on celluloid could qualify as movie, a film has to have authorship, sentience ... life.

That being said, my favorite film is Blade Runner. Ridley Scott's other films are often brilliant (particularly Alien, Black Rain, and Thelma & Louise.) I wrote a paper on Blade Runner arguing that Batty knew Deckard was a replicant! (It was even Translated into Italian by Santoni Danilo and published at SFW.)

9 Legend of Drunken Master - kick ass kung-fui

8 Adventures of Sebastion Cole - 80s boy is disaffected

8 The Cup - Monks watched that world cup.

8 What's Love Got to do With it - Tina Turner

7 GI Jane - interesting Scott film with soldier v Senator

6 Cosplay Encyclopedia - weak interview about funny Japanese sub-culture

7 Jungle Fever - black man cheats with white Italian

9 Billy Elliot - boy wants to dance

9 Girlfight - girl wants to box

8 Divine Trash - Walters documentary

9 Freaks - circus people fight evil arapeze artists

8 Grave of Fireflies - sad WWII anime about two children

7 The Cell - beautiful visuals, trite plot and gender representations.

8 Chuck and Buck - quite amusing!

8 Hign Fidelidity - cute in i'm a disposessed gen-x'er too!

8 House of Yes - very quirky parker posey movie with Kennedy obsession

8 Limey - Limey father comes to LA to get revenge

7 Heroic Trio - Silly Kung Fu movie with 3 femms

8 X-Men - suprisingly good character development

7 Road Trip - Tom Green

8 office Space - Very funny office politics.

6 Groove - Silly rave preview

6 Bandits - Foreign versio of Thelma and Louise

7 Virgin Suicides - lyrical but unmotivated

7 Gladiators - R Scott film, enjoyed but some weak plot elements

8 Snow Falling on Cedars - japanese and american fall in love during WWII

8 Malcom X - true to book

7 X - drama anime with good visuals

8 Perfect Blue - Anime, typical mysoginistic anime

9 Flower Girl - short about Japanese in Austrtla

7 Nowhere to Hide - Korean cop mvie. Not good but great use of Beetles, "Such A Holiday"

8 Tompopo - cute Japanese Noodle Western

7 Snow Falling on Cedars - Story oi American/Japanese town on West coast

8 Torch Light Trilogy - gay man and Jewish mother

7 The Big Tease - Scottish hair dresser in LA

7 The Beach - weak movie, book should be better

6 SLC Punk - stupid anarchisa

9 The Straight Story - old man on lawnmower

9 Titus - dramatic/visual Shakespeare

9 Boys Don't Cry - true story of butch femme who wants to be a boy in whitetrashville

8 Girls Interrupted - little too dramatic

9 American Beauty - Twisted Americana

6 Seven Years in Tibet - Pitt with Dali Lama

7 Macross - we meet the Marduk who control zeatradi through music

8 Green Mile - death row

6 3 Kings - sucked

7 Head On - gay greek in Oz

10 American History X - skin turns good

8 Forest Gump - better than I though with a lot of quirky LOLs.

8 Show Me Love - Swedish lesbian coming of age movie.

6 Amateur- Hal Hartley (Nadja) awkward

8 Princess Mononoke - eco anime about young warrior and wolf girl

8 Gods and Monsters - movie about director of Frankenstein

6 M.D. Geist - old-school action anime, post-apocalypse.

6 Wicked City - tame Hentai that isn't that good

7 Incubus - Shatner speaks Esperanto

6 Eyes Wide Shut - what was the big deal?

7 Better Than Chocolate - cute but awkward gay movie.

8 Floating - model on lake with amputee dad sort of likes gay boy

8 American Pie - excruciatingly funny at points.

7 South Park

7 Edge of 17 - new wave coming of age and gay outing movie

10 Twin Falls Idaho - movie about conjoined twins, beautifully filmed

8 johns - sad movie about male prostitutes

9 the blair witch project - spooky!

8 spank the monkey - disfunctional family

8 What's Eating Gilbert Grape

7 Silent Movies - toneburst silent movies

7 Smoke Signals - The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. Sherman Alexie

7 Ideal Husbad - Wilde film with scheming bitch, saw on plane

8 Election - highschool student council craze

9 Run Lola Run - German film with punky girl trying to save mani

7 Casablanca - classic, had to see it

8 Your Kiss - Gay with cute queenny and man looking for something other htan a fuck buddy.

9 Get Real - Gay coming of age.

6 Go - tired of Tarentino genre, but somewhat redeeming.

7 StarWarsI - saw it twice, lots of fun.

7 Underground - made Larisa cry, fell asleep

5 Very Bad Things - evil movie I saw in London

9 War Zone - Maggie Hadleigh-West: tapes men who cat call and leer

8 Crooklyn - Lee: movie about young girl

7 Book of Life - PJ Harvey and a disloyal Jesus

8 20 Dates - funny/quirky documentary

10 Matrix - cool FX and decent story

7 Book of Life, The - artsy armageddon.

8 Waiting for Guffman - it was light and ridiculous

10 Ma vie en rose

8 Saving Private Ryan

7 Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels - british scam artists

9 Blue in the Face - brooklyn (keitel, madonna, fox)

9 200 cigarettes - a little weak, but super funny punk

8 Golden Donut - documentary of the closing of a central sq. eatery.

8 The Chief - documentary on the politics of Indian tribal elections

8 Party Girl - odd Parker Posey as librarian movie, cute

7 Velvet Goldmine - 80s movie, bowie

7 Spannish Prisoner - thriller

8 Wonderland - doc. about a planned suburbinite town

9 Life is Beautiful

6 Your Friends & Neighbors - loathed (labue: company of men)

9 Rushmore -- coming of age by eccentric kid

9 "Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A.Leuchter Jr." Errol Morris. Saw with Larisa at BU

10 Dark City - very goth

7 Shakespeare in Love - blah romantic comedy

5 Lolita - boring and stupid

8 Shallow Grave - roommates find money and chop up bodies.

5 Flirt - couldn't finish

8 Opposite of Sex - Ricci as a bitch using people

10 Happiness - most intense movie of the year

9 Alice in Cities - writer gets stuck with little girl and returns to germany

9 Arizona Dreams - masha

8 Heaven's Burning - japanese bride abondons husband in Aust.

7 Celebrity - woody allen, banana blowjob

8 FoxFire - cuties get even with the boys led by one girl

7 Bound - good suspense with lesbian protoganist for hetero consumption but still thoughtful

7 Maborosi - visually appealling Japanese movie about wife of suicided husband

8 5th Element - cutie girl

8 Wilde - very good acting, frightening to think of the oppression

10 Buffalo '66 -- sweet/thoughtful

9 pi - a movie about math! great soundtrack

8 End of Violence - typical Wenders, he needs a change

8 Barton Fink -- quirky.

8 In the Company of Men -- men suck.

7 Death of Disco - girl from KIDS; more 70s-80s angst and VD

6 Cousin Bette

6 Cosi - (insane mozart opera) actress of Muriel's wedding

10 The Sweet Hereafter

9 ClockWatchers - actress of Muriel's wedding, for tempers

8 Big One, Roger and Me -- great stuff

7 As Good as it Gets - Jack is obsessive/compulsive

7 Slacker - tons of non-narrative slacker scenes

8 Goodwill Hunting - MIT

8 Sumo Do, Sumo Don't - cute

7 Pixote (hard hitting!)

10 Hurricane Streets - typical sundance, young boy in NYC

7 Resevoir Dogs - Quentin...

8 Titanic -- this would be a 6 if I took into account the hype

10 Ice Storm, family in the 70s

10 Swingers - really funny, guy can't get over past girlfriend -- I sympathize.

8 LA Confidential - pretty fun. (mystery, with lots of twists, evil police chief with mafie)

8 Cold Fever - slow, quirky, and interesting, japanese man in Iceland

9 Shall We Dance - very cute and funny

8 boggie nights - I rather enjoyed it, goods and bads of that lifestyle

7 Aliens 4 - jeanne-pierre janet, a lot of the same actors, interestin visually but ultimately un-engaging

7 Crash - lots of sex and car crashes, viscerally valid, but not terribly engaging

6 Female Perversions - unaffected but well done, woman doctor and judge

8 Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control - very enjoyable docu. with AI and mole rats

8 GATTACA - one of the most thoughtful sci-fi's of late; love the wardrobe

7 Brazil - infinity dude, attacks techo/buearacracy.

8 Full Monty - working class, funny

6 Lost Highway - boring, mechanic and killer change bodies.

6 Valley of the Days - transvestite killer

8 GlennGary, GlennRoss - salesmen with balls, dramatic

9 Kolya - Czech man cares for Russian child, touching.

9 Welcome to the Dollhouse - junior high, very good

9 Ponette - little girl, sad but uplifting

9 Sling Blade - very touching

5 Contact - great FX, an honorable attempt

8 Irma Vep - good (frenchish)

7 Pillow Book - art faggy, boring but beautiful

8 Temptress Moon - nice visuals

8 Chasing Amy - funny

6 Hardcore - boring

8 Faust - interesting, claymation

9 Johnny Suede - quirky good

9 Trust - good, thoughtful

9 Breaking the Waves - intense, left me perturbed.

8 Before the Rain - felt like a Wenders film.

8 The Postman - touching

9 The City of Lost Children - beautiful