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"Commerce is our goal here at Tyrell. 'More human than human' is our motto."
- Tyrell

Electronic commerce is soon going to allow one to grocery shop from the comfort of one's couch; buy Japanese anime and Einstürzende Neubauten imports directly from the importers or in digital form; check one's bank statement and inform the page that one would like to pay one's rent on the 23rd of every month. Who is going to bring this to you? Hopefully a lot of good people that want to make a lot of money at providing value-added services in a a low cost environment -- the NET!

In fact, I've already done the above in one form or another over the Net.

a bevy of links for finding commerce related material on the WEB. LINKS
a flow of reports clipped from various news servers and mailing lists that demonstrates how fast this industry really is moving. TIME_LINE
an ecommerce course I took. SLOAN
Trust in a Cryptographic Economy and Digital Security Deposits: Protocols and Policies THESIS
the first project from the Sloan course regarding electronic privacy. PRIVACY
A case study of the content labeling system RSAC. RSAC
research sources on ecommerce protocols and systems. Tip o' the hat to the folks at OMI. PROTOCOLS
A paper on Electronic Commerce and Competitive Strategies MISC

This page is historical and includes ecommerce related work from 1995-1996