1. Breathing Fresh Air

    I’m a big fan of the NPR show Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Unfortunately, their site recently become even more unusable: they don’t use ordinary hyper-links, instead they use a javascript function to create a hyperlink from some parameters:

    href=“javascript:getMedia (‘FA’, ‘02-Sep–2003’, ‘ALL’, ‘RM,WM …

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  2. Chain Letters and Evolutionary Histories

    This month’s Scientific America has an article by Charles H. Bennett, Ming Li and Bin Ma examining the evolution of 33 chain letters using algorithms borrowed from genetic analysis; these algorithms permit one to postulate the relatedness of different animals (evolutionary phylogeny) by looking at how DNA - and its …

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  3. Setting Up Pyblosxom

    Setting Up Pyblosxom

    These are some of the steps I took to setup pyblosxom, though not all python string values are of a complete (literal) path:

    1. my web directories are in $HOME/data/2web/reagle.org/joseph
    2. untar pyblosxom-0.8rc1.tar.gz as $HOME/data/2web/pyblosxom/
    3. cp pyblosxom.cgi …
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