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2006 Jun 12 | Nupedia-l Archives

I recently completed my review and analysis of the Nupedia e-mail list archives. Since they are no longer easily accessible, I thought I would share the raw archives: nupedia-l.tar.bz2. This HTML version of the e-mail archives was extracted from the Internet Archive via the following command:

wget --exclude-domains -e robots=off -nH --cut-dirs=3 --base= -r -l 4 -N -k -p -R js -Gbase

I believe this archive contains additional textual processing subsequent to the `wget` to make it more useful to me.

If you wish to access the messages from this archive, turn off your JavaScript. Otherwise, you will be taken to the online version when you click on a link, which can be slow. However, accessing the online Web version can be useful if I failed to gather a copy from "20030822044803" date space of the archive and you want to try other periods. (One can also find an mbox-like file of the messages though it would require a lot of work to make it compliant to the mbox format.) This is a tar archive compressed with bzip. If you are inclined to cite this collection you can note it is part of the "Reagle Wikipedia Archive."

Posted by emijrp at Tue May 10 19:47:41 2011
Thanks for this. Very useful for Wikipedia history fans.

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