What was the main model through which we approached bootstrapping a community?

What two variables contributed to the value of going online?

What two costs were entailed?

What role did switching_costs play?

How to capture the benefits of gratitude?

Case of Kassi


“people should help those who have helped them, and people should not injure those who have helped them” (Gouldner).
“a state of tension having motivational properties such that the greater its magnitude, the greater will be the efforts to reduce it” (Greenberg)

Can you do better??


trades or purchases whose terms are specified
gifts or favors that are sometimes repaid, but lacking any explicit terms or agreements
indirect reciprocity in the form of collective goods (individual contributions benefit many) or chains of indirect gifts where the providers rarely receive benefits from the same recipients (e.g., stranded motorists helping one another on the highway)
Network-generalized exchange
individuals engage in indirect reciprocity within a defined community, creating stronger feelings of solidarity than direct exchange for both givers and receivers

QIC on 5 things participants did?


How to implement??

  1. Matching similarity and status characteristics

    make individuals aware of who is in a similar situation to one’s own … can provide a simple, yet empowering way to guide individuals towards pro-active behaviors when feelings of indebtedness are salient. (LampinenEtal2013irl, p. 9)

  2. Highlight …

    both the unique value of a contribution and one’s role as a recipient of others’ efforts

  3. Highlighting exchange processes and outcomes

“Gratitude and its Dangers in Social Technologies”

Some questions

Why does gratitude matter?

Gratitude vs thanks?

Effects of gratitude

“Dark sides”?


Kudos’ leaderboard and use by management?


What did you think of wikilove?

Positive motivators

Negative motivators


I guess I can’t fault these editors who work hard – for free – for wanting praise. But I can fault the people who run the site A) for implementing such a superficial system into something that’s supposed to be a “reference” site, and B) for picking the most ridiculous, immature awards possible. A kitten? A barnstar? That sounds like something that would be of more interest to a 4-year-old than an encyclopedia editor. … a boring ol’ “like” button is far less sophomoric than a barnstar. —Fabian Weber, 2011


It is your responsibility to foster and maintain a positive online community in Wikipedia. Conveying terms of endearment toward any user – regardless of his/her past behavior – is contrary to this spirit. Comment not on the contributor, rather on the content. Don’t do it!—Wikipedia:No terms of endearment

ex. Wikipedia critique

  1. in groups of ~3-4
  2. enumerate design principles (positive and negative) for expressing gratitude (making use of all readings)
  3. recommend improvements to the wikilove system