Review: Consensus

When would you encourage an online community to use consensus decision making?

How to recruit and select newcomers?


  1. What is social influence proportional to? (Latene 1981)
  2. How much more effective is WoM (Sultan, Farley, and Lehmann 1990)?
  3. What is the difference between _____________and ____________processing?

  1. immediacy, strength, and number of influences one is exposed to
  2. ~10 times greater than advertising
  3. careful comparison vs implicit rules (e.g., halo)


  1. What is the halo effect?
  2. What is social proof and how can it increase towel reuse?
  3. What is familiarity heuristic?

  1. halo effect which is when people see something good on one dimension, they expect it applies to all other dimensions
  2. 44%
  3. people tend to like the people, things and ideas they are already familiar with

Facebook friends for a Whopper??


Techniques for selection and screening?

Debian 7-step

Application Manager makes recommendation to Debian Account Manager

Whatever method is used, the Applicant must agree with these principles, as well as show an understanding of their meaning and content. Failure to agree with these terms will terminate the application process.—Step 3: Philosophy and Procedures

What do you think of the Debian process?


Wrap up: 3-minute essay

If you were going to design a recruitment system, what would it look like?