eg of Normative-based?

Normative commitment is a feeling that one has obligations to the community, to be loyal and act on its behalf. [p. 102]

eg of Needs-based?

Needs-based (or continuance) commitment refers to attachment to an online community that depends on the net benefits that people experience from the community. [p. 105]

ex. Document design criteria

I need two groups for each of:

  1. Normative commitment (27-31)
  2. Needs-based commitment (32-35)

Specify a community’s home page that applies the design criteria, include notes on your choices (including things not done).

Normative Commitment

  1. Highlighting a community’s purpose and successes at achieving that purpose can translate members’ commitment to the purpose into normative commitment to the community.
  2. Testimonials about people’s normative commitment to the community will increase others’ normative commitment.
  3. Priming norms of reciprocity by highlighting concepts that get people to think of their normative obligations should increase normative commitment to an online community.
  4. Showing people what they have received from the community increases their normative commitment to it.
  5. Highlighting opportunities to return favors to specific others will increase normative commitment to the community

Needs-based commitment

  1. Providing participants with experiences that meet their motivations for participating in the community increases their needs-based commitment to the community.
  2. Showing information about other communities in the same ecological niche reduces needs-based commitment.
  3. Making it difficult for members to export assets or transfer them to other members increases needs-based commitment.
  4. Entry barriers and other opportunities for members to make community specific investments, even if they are merely sunk costs that do not create valuable assets, will increase need-based commitment.


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