Research Ethics

Belmont principles




Our class


We will not be doing formal interviews nor IRB review, but as we undertake the work we should be sensitive to the issues.

Note that paraphrases and quotations of “research participants” (those you interact with) should not be cited, but they can be discussed. For example, “Tod [a pseudonym] became frustrated with my media switching, complaining that ‘You are driving me crazy!’” (See the APA’s Let’s Talk About Research Participants.)

Social breaching

Community design critique

Wikipedia reflection

FB and OkCupid

ex. Apply Belmont

Apply the Belmont principles to the FB and OkCupid.

  1. Did they get IRB approval?
  2. Did they follow the Belmont principles
    • respect for persons (informed consent)
    • beneficence
    • justice
  3. Does the Common Rule apply to private companies?
  4. Do you think the practices should be unethical? Should they be illegal?