Is Facebook a fad?

Close to a half of Americans think Facebook is a fad.

egs of motivations??

  1. Emotional dissatisfaction: users pushing back because their needs are not being met.
  2. External values: pushing back due to political, religious, or moral reasons (fearful that marketing, consumerism, and distraction is enveloping the user)
  3. Taking back control: users pushing back to regain control of their time and energy
  4. Addiction: pushing back as a result of technology addiction
  5. Privacy: users pushing back due to fear about their privacy being violated (privacy is the least frequently reported reason)



How do we learn self-control?

egs of behaviors??

  1. Behavior adaptation: managed technology used to reduce dissatisfaction (managed time, applications, fasting, dummy accounts)
  2. Social agreement: collective decisions to limit media use (people putting away phone at a restaurant)
  3. Tech solution: it technology intervention to reduce media use (moving to a dumbs/feature phone)
  4. Back to the woods: dropping out from technology altogether
  5. No problem: whatever it takes, just take it all in

No problem?

Digital fasts?

Do you pushback? Will you?

Demographic split or movement?

Wrap up

Write a higher-order question (analysis, synthesis, evaluation)