Benign vs toxic??

Disinhibition factors

Dissociative anonymity

You Don’t Know Me

When people have the opportunity to separate their actions from their real world and identity, they feel less vulnerable about opening up. Whatever they say or do can’t be directly linked to the rest of their lives. They don’t have to own their behavior by acknowledging it within the full context of who they “really” are. (Suler2004ode)


You Can’t See Me

Invisibility gives people the courage to go places and do things that they otherwise wouldn’t.

This power to be concealed overlaps with anonymity, because anonymity is the concealment of identity. But there are some important differences. In text communication … others may know a great deal about who you are. However, they still can’t see or hear you – and you can’t see or hear them. Even with everyone’s identity visible, the opportunity to be physically invisible amplifies the disinhibition effect.


See You Later

where there are delays in that feedback, people’s train of thought may progress more steadily and quickly towards deeper expressions of what they are thinking and feeling. Some people may even experience asynchronous communication as “running away” after posting a message that is personal, emotional, or hostile. It feels safe putting it “out there” where it can be left behind. In some cases, as Kali Munro, an online psychotherapist, aptly describes it, the person may be participating in an “emotional hit and run.”

Dissociative imagination

It’s Just a Game

Emily Finch, an author and criminal lawyer studying identity theft in cyberspace, has suggested that some people see their online life as a kind of game with rules and norms that don’t apply to everyday living

Solipsistic introjection

It’s All in My Head

Online text communication can become the psychological tapestry in which a person’s mind weaves these fantasy role plays, usually unconsciously and with considerable disinhibition.

When reading another’s message, it’s also possible that you “hear” that person’s words using your own voice…. When we talk to ourselves, we are willing to say all sorts of things that we wouldn’t say to others!

Minimizing authority

We’re Equals



ANONYMOUS person feels INVISIBLE, commits A-SYN in their IMAGINATION of INjecting a needle into an AUTHOR.

True self?

Does the disinhibition effect release inner needs, emotions, and attributes that dwell beneath surface personality presentations? Does it reveal your “true self.” For example, a woman with repressed anger unleashes her hostility online, thereby showing others how she really feels. Or a shy man openly expresses his hidden affection for his cyberspace companion. (Suler2004ode)

Flying vs Invisibility??