Real time-bidding


Don Marti

“Targeted Advertising Considered Harmful”


Under targeting

Statistics about performance of individual ads feeds into dangerous self-deception about the industry-wide effects of targeting. However, as the audience begins to understand targeting, the rate of ad blocking increases, the value of web ads decreases, and increasingly crappy ads drive more user demand for ad blocking. (Marti 2013)

Under privacy

Fortunately, better privacy tech, such as stricter treatment of third-party cookies, makes targeting more difficult and less accurate. The value of advertising across the entire medium rises, it’s harder for ad networks to “snatch” audience from high-reputation sites, and those sites will be able to get more ad revenue and control, at the expense of middlemen. (Marti 2013)

Brand advertising

Creates associations with a brand, not prompting an immediate purchase (“direct response”).

On the Media

ex: Split-room debate

A or B?

Ads and free content
Ad-blockers are destroying online publishing and should be prohibited. Blockers and control
Ad-blockers are extremely useful and their use should be encouraged.


  1. Decide which position you’d like to take (because you agree, or think it’d be interesting to argue)
    1. Think of at least one argument for your position.
  2. Move to the side of the class for your position; you may move to the other side as whim carries you.
  3. Briefly discuss within your group some key arguments (write on board) (< 5 minutes)
  4. I will ask someone to start with an argument for their position.
    1. Present only one argument; be short (< 3 minutes)
    2. Call on someone in the opposing group
    3. Reiterate