League of legends


Humans attend to other humans


“Watch what I’m paying attention to.”

(Not primates, but babies and dogs.)

How much time do you spend gossiping?

Social production

Tragedy of commons

Tragedy of commons vs. public good??

egs of altruistic punishments?

What’s different today?

Himmelman’s taxonomy

Himmelman’s taxonomy??

goal interaction commitment eg

Himmelman’s taxonomy

goal interaction commit eg
networking connection passing . conference
coordinate different modify for mutual benefit .. timing
cooperate similar & common purpose hunting
collaborate same & enhancing & sharing …. WP

Collective intelligence / Wisdom of crowds

Jelly beans

Problem domain


for which there is a single answer


by which an optimal group solution arises from individual self-interest, but requires feedback


for which an optimal group solution requires trust and group orientation, i.e., social structure/culture

WoC requires

  1. diversity of opinion (private info)
  2. independence (un-influenced)
  3. decentralization (local knowledge)
  4. aggregation (private judgment -> collective decision) (Surowiecki 2004, p. 10)


Evidence for a collective intelligence factor in the performance of human groups

Measures of “collective intelligence” (c) based on tasks such as visual puzzles, brainstorming, collective moral judgments, and negotiating over limited resources. In the first study (of 40 3-person groups) average and maximum intelligence scores of individual group members does not correlate with c. When combining the findings of the two studies, there’s a moderate correlation between c and average/highest-scoring intelligence, but “c was still a much better predictor of group performance on the criterion tasks then the average or maximum individual intelligence.” In turn, three factors were significantly correlated with c: average social sensitivity, conversational turn-taking, and the proportion of females in the group (these are likely related). (WoolleyEtal 2010)


Community = commitment + culture

Netetiquette today?

Digital competencies