The echo chamber revisited (OTM)

Cass Sunstein

People are choosing homophily and living in echo chambers leading to polarization.

Lee Rainie

The most information-savvy seek out information.

Fewer of these (5%) than used to be.

Eli Pariser

The dangers of personalized search results (The Filter Bubble)

Search for “Obamacare”??

Joseph Turow

Reputation silos and buckets (The Daily You).

e.g., Target’s targeting pregnant women by noticing unscented lotions and supplements.

Clay Shirky

People want homophily but the Web forces heterophily enraging them and degrading the discourse.

(Confronting people of different opinions also leads to polarization.)

Filter Bubble

Situational vs ambient overload

Turning off email

Is this a good idea?

Eli Pariser